Hi, I'm Ariel and I'm from Las Vegas. Follow me through my journey of becoming a yoga instructor. Here you'll learn about my practice and the things I have accomplished. You'll find all things yoga. So enjoy! Namaste.


“ Yoga means control of the contents of your mind. When your thoughts are stilled, your consciousness experiences only itself. But when thoughts begin to flow, you get caught up in them and the images they place before you. ”


hello, I've never tried yoga but I practice meditation. Where I live yoga classes are very very expensive, how can I try it by myself? thanks

A question by natinhaaa

Hey doll. I don’t take class where I live either :) But what’s helped me do it from home is yoga apps! I have an iPhone. So I use this app called yoga studio. It’s 2.99 and it has anywhere from 15 minutes to and hour class. From beginner to advanced. It’s an amazing app! So you should check it out! I hope that helps. Feel free to message me anytime :)